Thursday, October 29, 2009

embracing my inner hick

there came a point not too long ago when I realized that I not only am I not New York socialite material - it's actually cool that I'm my own brand of me. Sure I might not be as refined or well read as I'd prefer...but it seems that what I've got going on might actually be better for the planet than if i was any other way.

Maybe it's better that I like riding in trucks and banjo solos and camping and I prefer my men handsome & handy log driver types rather than doctor-merchant-lawyer varieties. Perhaps it's preferable that I eat out of the pot and lick the bowl clean rather than holding back for fear of being judged a lil' piggy. Maybe rocking zits n freckles & rogue hair is refreshing in a world that revers porcelain skin and silken locks.

I recall spending an evening with a Rhodes scholar law student and his wealthy merchant father one evening at a friends place in Montréal. She made some sort of eggplant dish, and Monsieur Rhodes was delighted with my friends preparation of Aubergines. "yes, these aubergines are delicious", I chimed in. "You don't have to call them aubergines, you know", he scoffed... referring to my eggplant upbringing. At the time i was a touch taken back but still rolled with it. I mean, I can spot a weiny a mile away - so I just raised my brow and walked on.

In the end, I ate the $90 petite box of chocolate his father brought over for dessert right before his eyes, and I commend myself for showing those two how to enjoy the evening (and still keep my figure!!). Embrace the guests, and enjoy luxurious confections to the max.

I suppose that while I'm quite rough n tumble in some ways, I'm progressive in others - like adopting a non-harming vegetarian diet, embracing my femininity and working to evolve planetary consciousness by sorting and moving through my own emotional crap.

My pursuit of superhero status began with disliking myself and trying to be someone else; my superhero being will realize itself when I absolutely love who I am and let all my über essence shine through. Slowly but surely and more and more I am embracing that point.

Monday, October 19, 2009

the cacao activation process

I ate a copious amount of raw cacao during the addition to many other super star foods like mulberries & raw honey & mesquite & lucuma & almonds & vanilla bean caviar fresh from papa new guinea. exciting exotic ingredients with intoxicating aromas and titillating tastes.

This past Saturday I was at a raw chocolate making workshop put on by Malcolm Saunders where we got hands on experience in the cacao craft. It was super fun and it's so damn simple i can't believe I've never even made my own chocolate before. Ridiculous!

After the teaching and the tastings...covered in cacao powder and vanilla dust I realized that I felt absolutely HIGH off food. Surrounded by my fellow chocolate makers, us babes were giggling and playing like children in a park after a couple of hits off the bong. A stark contrast to my persnickety grumpy self earlier that week.

Am I what I eat? I AM what I eat.

Last night too, after desserting with another batch of my home made raw chocolate bar jammed packed with exotica I laid in my bed buzzing. My whole body vibrated - not in the jostled caffeinated way...but in an activated way - as though I've tapped into a reserve that was waiting for me if i just figured out the code.

Chocolate had always had an effect on me...but now i'm delving into deeper territory. Now I'm creating my own with the best ever ingredients, intention & love. Now I'm properly dosing myself.

this is my kind of medicine.