Friday, July 29, 2011


When I was a kid, I remember my grandma would take us to the local spring to fetch some delicious ice cold water on a hot summer day. I remember loving to do that for a number of reasons. First, I'm adventurous, so my spirit was enthused. Second, we were likely driving from somewhere "far" and kids loves breaks when it comes to long car rides. But mainly it's probably because the water in Myrnam, Alberta tasted so shitty to me, that drinking that water was like drinking from the goblet of God himself. Refreshingly tasty!

Who knew then, that my grandma was oh so naturally showing me what would become a way of life for me two decades later. She knew! Interestingly too, she was staunchly against the casual use of pharmaceuticals. I know whenever we got headaches and asked for Tylenol she told us to go for a nap. The wisest of advise! As I recall - she did take me to see the doctor when I bumped into a wasps nest and things got a little puffy & dizzy & panicky. Acute: doctor. Non-acute: nap.

Here's a pic of a pic of the spring water crew, back in the 80's (that's me in the middle):

The other day my dad and I went to collect spring water at a nearby spring he tracked down. It was a fun dad/daughter event, and an homage to my grandma. Somehow I feel she'd be stoked to see what has come of her eldest granddaughter. Represent. I'm not into baking, and I knitting never was my forte. I would attend stitch n bitches back in my mid twenties and mostly bitch. In two years I worked on the same toque (still unfinished) and a scarf that could have it's own comedy show, that's how funny it looked in the end. I still wore it. My whimsical ways allow for such fashion decisions. Dang, though. I can collect spring water like nobodies business.

And finally, it's been great getting back in my parents' & grand-parents' yards and seeing them with fresher eyes. Now when I look at plants I see the medicinal potential. Picking raspberries at my Baba's place in the sunshine is way fun....and fresh raspberries off the bush - yummy & good for you. Pick the leaves & make iced tea. I'm also drying them to add to an ethereally delicious smoke blend I'm working on. I'll let you decide what that means.

Check out my favorite cotton top (aka: Baba)!

I love the family traditions that are re-emerging. They make sense to me, and geez, considering the shitstorms that are circulating on this planet currently, that is refreshingly tasty.

Monday, July 11, 2011

family dinner

Earlier in the year, I was walking through our yard in Kauai with my friend Nathalien Mangostein. He was giving me the guided tour, which mainly consisted of him sharing the names of the fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, nuts, vines, etc that are growing around the property and what they can be used for - be it practically, medicinally or otherwise. Naturally, we nibbled each plant we came in contact with (if it was edible, of course) - a tasty tropical gastronomic tour.

At one point we were near one of the many noni trees dotted around the yard when Nathalien stopped to pick up a freshly fallen, perfectly ripened fruit.

"Let's enjoy this in the aura of the tree", he said as he bit into the fruit, and then passed it to me to try.

Standing there next to the noni tree, enjoying it's stinky fruit, feeling the gratitude, admiring the surrounding beauty - we were in union with that tree & the fruit we were eating. Even the neighbouring trees & other plants surrounding us are a part of this exchange. These sentient beings were enjoying our presence as much as we were enjoying theirs.

Research, such as the polygraph testing done by Dr. Cleve Backster found in the book The Secret Life of Plants has shown that plants are conscious beings that not only feel, but can read your mind as well.

Now that is a whole new level of magic to tune into.

It's a dinner party unlike any other. And it makes the action of praying over the food we eat that much more important. The plants know we're going to eat them before we even take a bite.

According the Backster's study's....the plants respond completely differently if thanking they're are thanked before the cooking or chowing down begins. It's really fascinating research - aka RECOMMENDED READING. The Secret Life of Plants will blow your mind.

It blows my mind how many amazing things have eluded me until now. Just think about how your life might change if you considered that your houseplants actually KNOW you.