Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a love letter

Dear Krystyna,

It's a wild notion that it took me most of my life to realize & recognize that you are it, baby! I have always loved you. I've loved you since the day we first met.

You are beautiful. You make my heart sing. I look at you and I see a loving light that fills whatever space you shine yourself into. Your endless gifts & open heart light up my life.

Krystyna, my love, you are a complete, loving woman, perfect & whole as you are and I accept you fully. You are the divine goddess with whom I am destined to spend the rest of my life.

I choose you. I choose you & only you to be with, to create with, to love and embrace, accept unconditionally, and to nourish.

Together we create magic. Together we travel the world & beyond leaving a trail of light in our paths. My love, let's illuminate this planet.

Just know & remember, Krystyna my darling, that you are enough - you have always been and always will be. You are safe with me.

You had me at hello. Or maybe it was at googoo gaga. It doesn't matter. I am standing here before you wanting nothing more & nothing less than to step into light together in a glow of love.

I have been waiting for this moment to arrive. The time is now to soar into this journey together.

I look into your eyes & know. I look into your eyes & see mine. The Universe speaks to me through you, my love. Let's GO.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

cardboard food

one of my co-workers came into my office today, and after tootin' in my space proceeded to tell me about her digestive woes, and how she thought gluten was the culprit. I mentioned that I've been eating gluten free for a while and that my digestion is doing very well - I've certainly had my share of intestinal disturbances.

the interesting thing that she said to me, was that she wasn't super strict about keeping her diet sans gluten since it contradicted her value of eating whatever she wanted. "Life is too short to eat cardboard".

I can appreciate that.....but what's ironic about this (to me, of course) is that the meal that caused her GAStric distress came out of a package. Powdered potatoes, meat & gravy. Um....yum?

What is cardboard food really? There was nothing nutritionally real in that 'meal from a pouch' which apparently tasted good. Isn't life too short to eat food that isn't real? Isn't life too short to eat food that gives you such bad gas that even professional conversations require apologies?

I know that a lot of "health" food is low on taste, but so much of it - food that is grown and prepared with intention & creativity - is simply delicious. Let your taste buds guide you - YES.

Mamma's homecooked meals can fall in this category if they aren't full of our modern short cuts. My grandmother has amazing soup making abilities....but at some point her soups ceased to have homemade stock ingredients, and started having an MSG-laded, artificially flava'd bases. Sigh. So close.

I do agree with my co-worker. Life IS too short for cardboard foods - both the instant fake stuff and the tasteless health varieties.

all you gotta do is get off your ass and find it. Tastes great and beats being that girl who's known for 'crop-dusting', right?