Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to be Sick & Depressed

There are many opinions out there on how to be healthy. I haven't seen too many articles on how to be sick & depressed. So I'm taking it upon myself to fill that niche.

If you're into being sick, depressed (& looking haggard for that matter), here's the shortcut:

Eat as much processed food as you can. McDonald's, Burger King and KFC can easily help you out with affordable, super fast options. At the supermarket, look for foods in packages. If the ingredient lists are long and daunting, and contain buzzwords like "mechanically separated", "monosodium glutamate", "high fructose corn syrup", etc, you are on the right track. If you really want to play the apathetic card, don't even read the ingredients.

Avoid fruits & vegetables, or anything that looks like it may have been living in the ground or forest at some point. If you MUST eat them, select heavily sprayed conventional, genetically modified produce. We're going for sick and depressed here. Go hard, or go home. And don't even bother rinsing your produce. That's what happy people do.

Drink tap water. Or preferably, don't drink any water at all. Stick to soda pop and caffeinated energy drinks, exclusively. Don't worry about that burst of energy that comes from the caffeine/sugar combo. It won't last long. "I hate life" will always be around the corner with these drinks making their way down the hatch.

Note: If you notice that eating or drinking a certain food or drink makes you feel tired or "icky", keep eating it. This is exactly what we're going for here! It's hard to feel happy when you feel like shit. :)

Body care & household products
Whether you're using a moisturizer for your face or detergent to wash your clothes, choose conventional, non-organic, non-biodegradable product varieties. If you wish to read ingredients look for names that are reminiscent of something out of an advanced chemistry class.

Bonus, the creation and use of these types of products wreak havoc on the environment, so you can feel bad about that too. Depressing!!

Hate your job? Awesome. Do you have inspiring friends? Get rid of them. Do you spend time in nature? Stop it!! Do you give thanks for every little thing? Not recommended. Do you exercise? This might make you happier, so beware.  Your best friend for feeling your worst is the couch; make TV watching and video gaming a priority.

In short, that's how you can fast track your way to an uninspired, polluted life. It's also a great way to prematurely age yourself. So....if that's your thing, the blueprint is here. Enjoy!

Reminder that if you want to be Healthy, Happy and Radiant do not do any of the above. This is for sick & depressed people only.

Monday, September 3, 2012

when things work out

I marvel at how the worst thing ever can easily turn into a blessing. Take for example the other day when I flew home from a sweet lil' visit in Maine. My luggage didn't make it home with me. At first I was freaking out. 

What? How dare they? Do they have any idea how much they are inconveniencing me? And what the hell: where are my "good vibes" now?

Minutes later the paper work was filled out and my ride showed up at the airport. Turns out the ultra small car was packed with five people and could barely manage my friend Aniela's carry on (the trunk was small and already full. Personally when I pick someone up from the airport I leave room in my trunk - but hey, were all on our own trip and this oversight supports the miracle of my story). 

There's no way that big duffel filled with camping equipment would have fit in that car. Or if it could have somehow, it would have made for a very uncomfortable 4 hour drive.

It's like the angels knew. So a mild inconvenience of me not having a bag of stuff that I think I need for a few days offered us a headache free means to make our way home. Meanwhile, the airline is delivering my bag right to my door.

Thus, I give gratitude to all that's happening in the unseen. Somehow it's all perfect. Thank you! I never  knew I could be so excited about lost luggage.

my homage to water & good hair days

This week I've taken the challenge to avoid using flush toilets. In fact, I'm bathing in the lake instead of a shower and only using the (spring water) tap for brushing my teeth.

Why? It feels like the right thing to do. Some people take a vacation and go to all-inclusives for a week. I decided to give Mama E a break and be as nice to her as I possibly can.

It dawned on me sometime ago that shitting into water that's taken in pipes to a plant where it's "cleaned" and then put back into the eco system or recycled for another round of use is just ludicrous. The "grey water" situation is just as heinous, especially when we consider all the chemicals spilled down the sink. Drain-o anyone? Ugh.

Water is much more precious than they way we treat it. All water. Perhaps composting toilets aren't practical to have in every building....and perhaps that's the way we've cultivated our society - to flush things away instead of dealing with them and using our waste to make things grow.

Is there a metaphor in there somewhere?

For example, is our shortsightedness with water impeding some sort of epic high-rise architecture/engineering that allows us to poop and feed our plants and heat or power our buildings? Who knows? I'm no architect or engineer.

I have however witnessed countless examples of human ingenuity and I KNOW there are way better ways to do things that would improve the quality of our lives, in general AND specifically with water.

This is the obvious statement of the year.

An entire industry could be created with true waste management. And I'd bet that if we had to deal with our poo instead of flushing it away we'd be more mindful of what and how much we consume.

For me, I've come to a place where I'd prefer to poop in a composting toilet, and pee in the woods. That  makes sense. Obviously not always practical. But I know it's my preference.

And I'd rather clean myself in a beautiful lake or a invigorating stream. It's a preference, and again not always practical.

Let me tell you though. I can guarantee myself the best hair day ever when I let nature's structured water get ahold of it. And that makes me very happy.

Pictured above: Gorgeous spirally lake tendrils.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

fitness for enlightenment

Today I woke up and was instantly propelled into a work out. I wasn't working out though....I was filming segments for David Wolfe. It was great, because even though I didn't get the thigh tone-age that comes with actually doing a workout, I was the quiet observer of very intense moments.

Hearing Genesis Sunfire, David's personal trainer, say things like "you're probably going to get angry. You're likely to experience sharp emotions as you blow past your thresholds. Be okay with this. This is normal. It's part of the training." I was wondering what the heck was going to happen.

What followed were the completion of very simple exercises; within minutes David did a total of five different exercises, to exhaustion.

Five minutes of:
-Push ups
-Sit-up twists

15-20 minutes of:
Walking with a piggybacker on board
Walking with someone on your back FireMan style.

(Alternatively, speed walking as fast as you can possibly go for 15 minutes is an option for those who aren't working out with someone else, or if your upper body strength isn't developed enough for carrying someone. Let's be reasonable here! ).

Cues that I heard during this whole process included:

-When you start to slow down, speed up
-As it gets harder, consciously relax
-Practice being uncomfortable daily

This is how we develop our willpower. This is how we train ourselves to we can be in service to the planet and those who inhabit it.

This seemingly innocuous workout was plum full of useful lessons and mind-body-spirit training. This is not about fitness at all. It's about enlightenment.

Later I went for a run and applied these principals to my workout: When I felt like like stopping I went faster...when the huffing and puffing was getting close to unbearable I did my best to consciously relax. I definitely felt uncomfortable. I've definitely been "more fit" in my life, and the snakes I heard under the long grasses i was running on made my heart race even more.

I really received a good snap shot of my physical strength, fitness level & will power today, and feel tuned into how I can improve these aspect of myself....which very likely will help me evolve as a person.

What if I can transcend my 'stopping points'? What if the point where I stop is miles from where it is now? What if I get there way faster? What happens then? I don't know....and suddenly I'm getting really excited!

I want to be someone who can help others in every way I can: whether it's listening to someone process their emotions, or assisting a host throw a great party or pulling someone from the rubble. All important superhero skills.

So here I am at the edge of something great, equipped with life changing principals. I'll keep you posted on how this training goes....

Pictured above: Genesis demo-ing an advanced version of twists.

Monday, August 20, 2012

the newest food group

For those of us that are committed to thriving, the Superherb food group is one that gets a lot of attention.

Yes, Superherbs are a food category in and of itself.

Superherbs are potent, powerful mineral dense, tonic, adaptogenic substances that don't have any caloric value yet provide the body-mind-spirit with nutrition that far surpasses ordinary food, even if it's high quality.

The truth is that salads and vegetables and all the finest organic foods are GREAT, but they're not immunological.

And it's our immune system that keeps us in a state of living the dream. If we're illin' at all, our immune system simply isn't being supported fully. When is the last time you saw a chronically sick person doing what you want to do?

Superherbs build momentum in the body. Our immune system, our core energy, our daily energy, our Spirit is all amplified by the daily and consistent use of superherbs.

Sorry, but peas n carrots simply can't hold a stick to Reishi & Chaga.

You can test it out for yourself. Commit to taking a superherb everyday for the next 1-3 years and see where you're at. My top recommendations: Chaga Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Schizandra Berry, He Shou Wu, Astragulus.

With the exception of Schizandra (which is very tart), the superherbs listed above are all quite neutral tasting, can be found in easy-to-take tincture form and are a breeze to add to whatever you're already drinking (like coffee or tea). I just love Schizandra so much that I had to include it. And yes, I am considering marrying it.

My point: Build an immunological armada overtime using the worlds most potent superherbs. The only reason to do this is because you love living life and would rather be healthy and happy than sick and depressed.

If you're into the latter, keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting. If you're into the former start googling and figure it out.

And if you're feeling stuck then email me: krystynamcmillan@gmail.com

I add superherbs to everything, and enjoy endlessly amazing delicious food and drink. My recommendation is that you start with your adding them to your morning coffee or tea.

It's an artform that we can cultivate within ourselves through our desire to shine.

Pictured above: last summer me & this reishi hung out everyday for weeks. Later we harvested it, dried it, and broke it into pieces and then simmered it in water to make a tea. We used this tea as the liquid base for our smoothies. Chilled reishi tea can easily be added to the most basic berry smoothie. You wouldn't even know the difference. I swear it's that easy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

help yourself

What is one of my big wishes for the people of this planet? It's that we become a group of thoughtful, resourceful beings who can take care of themselves. My definition of needy is when people are relying on the time and effort of others for basic things. Like something that can be Googled. 

Needy is not sexy. At all. FYI.

"How much do Goji Berries cost?" This is an example of the type of email that may come to me on a daily basis. Why didn't this person simply type this question to Google? I am not here to do this on their behalf. I am a REALLY, REALLY busy person, who is using Google on a daily basis to answer my own questions. If, on the other hand, a person felt compelled to share a really insightful article about Goji Berries, now there is a basis of a worthwhile interaction.

In the time it took them to write me, they could have easily used a difference function on their computer to search the same information. If after that they are still confused, then an email would be appropriate. 

When it comes to receiving email correspondence that involves people asking me questions that can easily be googled first.....why didn't they just google it?

As I tweeted the other day: "Got a question? Need an answer? Ask God, or Ask Google. Both are helpful, time efficient, cost effective means to learn more".

After that, ask me. Ask me when you want my opinion. Ask me when God or Google doesn't yield an answer for you. Contact me when you have AMAZING information to share, and want my help spreading the word. 

This is not to say that I don't like taking care of others. I do. I love doing this from a level where I take over where they simply aren't able. Too busy to make food for yourself? I can help you with that. Feeling overwhelmed? I am here to listen. Google can't really help with these things....unless it's to find a good restaurant or shrink. 

Oh Google, there you are again, effortlessly helping.

Now, I recognize that I'm a friendly, lovable person, and that perhaps some people simply want to interact with me, and I can appreciate that. What I'm putting out there to the Universe is that people really learn to become self sufficient. 

In this day and age, in these ultra busy, fast times.....we must strive to help ourselves as often as possible, and not burdening others with minutia. 

This simple act can change our interactions. Suddenly we are interacting with each other only to enhance our knowledge, not just to ask questions that are already answered.

Quite possibly: The seeds to evolution.

Image courtesy of: Abstract Thoughts

Thursday, June 28, 2012

light nights

I've been experiencing dark nights since I came to this planet. While in Iceland last week I had the pleasure of experiencing light nights...endless days strung together by a sun that hardly sets. The sky is perpetually light. It's trippy, really...and offers a sense of timelessness. Especially when the sky is overcast it's hard to tell whether its morning, noon or night.

Me and my homies easily stayed up until 3am...I feel like had I not been so exhausted from the month of constant travel prior to Iceland, I would have hardly slept at all while i was here. Alas, Iceland was to be a recoup for me. Sleeping in the light was great. It felt a lot like afternoon napping, complete with hearing outside sounds and zany, lucid dreams.

Last night I watched the sun set into darkness from the JFK airport on my way home from Iceland. And I felt a little sad saying goodbye to my weeklong day. It was as if I hadn't known anything else. Later, after I landed in SFO, I felt a little bummed out. I didn't even notice that I had crossed the Golden Gate Bridge! Perhaps this is part of the adjustment that comes with experiencing regular darkness once again.

I'd love to go back to Iceland again at this time of year with minimal plans, and just park myself in the great outdoors near a hot spring and lose track of time and myself. Just be. Seems like a sweet little human experiment. What kind of musings could come from that experience?

Let there be light this night.

Above: My homie Avocado shows the time on his phone: 12:28 am.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

improvising & enjoying: superhero skills

I don't want to say that I'm an airhead. I could be more prudent when it comes to planning. I suppose I try to plan.

Back in April, for example, I was thinking about how much I wanted to go to Iceland. When I was packing to leave Ontario I looked at my international power adapter, and then was like Meh, I don't want to carry that around. So, its not like I didn't think about it....I just didn't think that it would be necessary when I got here. Although apparently the library of books I brought is way more practical. Not.

Anyway, in a way, I was correct. I've been here in Iceland for many days now, and have managed to keep my apparatus's charged quite effortlessly without an adapter, AND without infringing on other peoples charge time . I'm grateful that I roll with endless circles of Mac & iPhone users. No matter where I'm at, whether Peru or Iceland or good ole LA, everyone uses Apple....so that makes it easy.

Whenever I'm challenged by some sort of perceived short coming or inadequacy, my brain immediately jumps to: how can I make this work anyway? I appreciate that I'm wired this way.

A lot of people have the when/then syndrome: When I make more money, then I'll be able to invest in myself. When I get in that relationship, then I'll feel in love. 

Meh...what about NOW? What's going on now?

Here's what I've realized: I don't need an adapter to charge my computer when I'm in a foreign country or a lot of money to enjoy myself. That's one thing I've realized. I just need to be resourceful.

There is always someone who can help. Or an adapter not being used. And the funnest things to do often don't really cost that much. Mother nature provides.

Enjoying oneself no matter what is also a superhero skill. Sure, it would be cool to get in a helicopter and get airlifted to a  glacier for an afternoon picnic with an Icelandic Hottie, and perhaps that will happen tomorrow.

Hiking through nearby mountains, enjoying dips in wild hot springs and ice cold lakes, walking the streets of Reyjkavik and enjoying al the styles & sights. It's all really fun. And doesn't cost that much unless I really want to spend money. I enjoy the freedom of travel in this respect.

And here's another thing: I'm open to the flow of not working, of not eating when I'm hungry, of not being comfortable every second. And usually, just when things seem like they could definitely be better, BOOM. A rainbow shines through, along with everything I need in the moment.

My point of this whole schpeel is to notice and cultivate our adaptability skills. It's basically the best skill a person can have, likely because it encompasses multiple talents. Getting to a place where it's literally all good, even when it's not ideal, or even when it's shitty, is a great way to swim the current of life.

When you're aware, yet not phased, that's where super power comes from. It's really that simple.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

write your way to liberty

I've recently become a dedicated journal keeper. The last time I went to see a psychic I didn't get any profoundly accurate info (haha), although one nugget stood out in my notes. "Make sure you keep a journal when you're in Peru", she said.

And so I did. I started in when I was in line at Peruvian Customs and lovely gal I had seen in another airport line in Mexico City gave me a download of all the sweet spots of Cusco.

(I actually didn't reference that information ONCE while I was in Peru. When I was back in Canada I noticed I had visited 90% of her suggestions.....just through referrals and synchronicities).

Anyway, I journaled everyday while I was in Peru. I would say that it saved me. A love interest that went sour, a culture of wonder, shamanic medicines and working all the way through...there was a lot for this body-mind-spirit to process in the month that I was there.

When I came home I began reading The Artists Way, an emotional process that was developed for artists which consists of the daily practice of free hand writing three pages first thing in the morning. It's a way of getting that morning subconscious out on paper so that it's not taking up precious real estate in your working mind.

As this gets dumped everyday onto paper, it frees up emotional space in which creativity seems to flourish. Countless people have used this process as a way to free themselves from the shackles of tedium. People have become famous from undergoing this process. It's kind of a big deal.

And thus began and new practice of gettin' up and writin'. Sometime's it really fucking hard. And I do it anyway.

Knowing how the act of writing kept me same in Peru keeps me doing it. And learning that it could actually be the key to all of my goals and dreams keeps me doing it.


Monday, April 30, 2012

getting that "prosperity" vibe

I've come to a point in my life when I'm DONE with stressing over money. It seems that even when I'm flush my mind creates lack. What the hell?

And just making ends meet blows too. Did I really sign up for this?

Now that I'm over it, I'm completely open to doing whatever it takes to transport from that bullshit to a place where I rule money. That's right, money. I RULE YOU. Not the other way around.

I've read a book recently that's has some interesting insights. Nothing new here...I think it's the presented grouping of information combined with me being absolutely OVER my habituated, non-serving fucked up financial status quo. Perhaps that's all it takes. At this point, I'm open to anything.

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance
by Edwene Gaines outlines four ways of being to invite in unlimited abundance. They are: Tithing & Giving, Setting Clearcut Goals, Forgiveness & Worthiness, & Finding your Divine purpose.

This is where it starts. Of course all of this culminates in taking bold, strategic action.

Besides tithing 10% of all the money that comes my way, which frankly is "not in my budget", I've been reviewing my goals twice a day.

I've never been so in tune with what I want. This is great news. And back to the tithing: I think the psychological leap of faith it takes to do that is just the mindfuck I need to get over my literal 'poor thinking'. Sayonara to those thoughts. I don't need you anymore.

 And thus begins a great self experiment. We'll see what my life will be like in six months. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

the happy diet

Sometimes I eat things that aren't entirely where I'm at, and frankly, it's annoying. And example of this could be a soup from your regular deli. Sure it tastes good, probably has some veggie in it, and in fact could be some amazing home cooked masterpiece prepared loving for days. Usually though it's straight out of a can and into the soup dispenser. ugh. This is even funnier when there's a homemade soup sign, and it's just marketing from the soup company.

If I'm eating some that "annoys me" 9 times out of 10 I'm eating something that isn't serving my proverbial higher self. I would posture, for example, that subconscious knows when food is lacking in the quality department by this reaction alone.

Taking all variables of our food into consideration, where diet really comes to is: does this food make me happy? When we reflect at how food affects all aspects of our lives, including health, and how food affects how we feel because of it....then we know where to go with our diets.

Eating a Twinkie, for example, might make your mind happy, but does it make your body happy? What about your soul? Is your soul calling for the Twinkie? Let's be real with ourselves.

True happy food makes us happy in all realms of our Selves. It nourishes our mind-body-spirit. If it doesn't feed one of those human elements, that can we honestly call it happy food? I think not.

So, if I'm happy when I eat, and if I'm happy about WHAT i'm eating, and if I'm happy that I ate, and I feel great all around, then jeez, that's a pretty good gauge that I'm doing something right. That is the part of the "diet" that is usually ignored.

Anyway, this attitude brings super-awareness to the eating process. When we eat with awareness, it's really challenging to EAT CRAP, it's hard to binge eat, or starve ourselves, etc. When we eat with awareness we get what we need from food to thrive.

You are what you eat, and when what you eat makes you happy, then you are happy.

I'd rather be happy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I came here to cry

This past equinox I spent exploring the wondrous Machu Picchu. Such beauty. The mountains surrounding the ancient ruins are ginormous and covered in trees, and these huge mounds BREATHE. And the river that flows around the base of this whole scene ROARS. This place is powerful.

Somehow I knew when I got here that I would cry. I wasn't sure why, I just knew I would. I had heard countless stories of others experiencing the same thing...feeling overwhelmed at the beauty, and so forth.

And so the tears came. Hiking up WayuPicchu I had a humbling moment. Unable to keep up with my 24 year old counterpart I felt terribly inadequate. For all my athleticism, I was still acclimatizing to the altitude, with a sore hip that decided to make itself felt just that morning. But I still wanted my body to work perfectly - I demanded it. Note to future travellers of Machu Picchu: check your ego at the door.

Red in the face I came to a terrace where my friend Rebecca was waiting, and I sobbed in defeat as I caught my breath. Why do I need to be perfect? What is perfect? My pace is the ultimate pace. Why am I letting the pace of others affect my self worth? Somebody give me a stiff drink.

Later I sat looking out at the valley near the top of the mountain and laugh-cried. It started raining, and it felt like we were being showered with sparkles. How fortunate am I to be here? And....I'm working. I am blessed. Gratitude fills my heart.

Atop WayuPicchu it was electric - our hair standing straight up. We were chased down the mountain by a guard who feared we'd be struck by lightning. Ha: what a way to go.

In the moment though, all that electricity made me feel alive, aware of my own mortality.

What I experienced this day is what could literally be described as the alchemical charging of the human being.


Friday, March 16, 2012

The wound is where the light enters

I've been in Peru for a few days now, and things for me have been up & down. It's challenging on many levels. For example, the altitude makes simple actions like walking up a hill a total chore. Well...I guess walking up a hill can be a chore anyway, but still. An even bigger chore.

There is something about this place. It's like all the crap inside of me is shining in my face. Intense feelings of jealousy and inadequacy and melancholy are bubbling from deep inside of me. Where is all this coming from?

I guess this is a "better out than in" experience, and also emotions worth acknowledging. If I can get to the root of all this discontent, then I can open myself to feelings that are more.....wonderful.

I don't know what else to say, except bring in the light.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the perfect red

When examining my life I gravitate towards metaphors. Somehow these tangible comparison allows me to understand the intangible reality of my life better.

Take the following example. I've been searching for the perfect red lipstick for ages. This might seem like a non-brainer to some, trust me that it's not a cut and dry endeavour.

Rocking red lips is a bold makeup move. Lips become front & centre, so they'd better tell a good story. Red is so powerful it can throw your whole face (& beyond) off if you're mis-rouged.

Getting the perfect shade of red is just half the story. The next part is getting a shade of red that I'd actually want to touch my lips. Most lipsticks are made with the grossest toxic ingredients. I don't want that stuff in my auric field, let alone touching me.

And then there's that nasty statistic that the average woman eats 4-7 lbs of lipstick over a lifetime. EW. That statistic, strangely, isn't enough for me to stop using lip goo, but it will make me WAY more careful about what lipstick I'm going to eat.

Finding a non-toxic, organic version of the perfect red? I've been searching and experimenting for years. And today I found it. Actually, it found me.

A friend of mine (Taylor) gifted me some makeup of her friend Fiona's up and coming organic makeup line Super Natural Lips. It arrived in the mail some months ago, and I finally received it upon returning home for some down time. I tried one of her ravishing shades and knew. The search was over.

And this simple act of applying lipstick made me wonder about all the other things I've been searching for, hoping it would be just right - perfect, I reflected on how those things or people or experiences might just come to me when I'm not even thinking about it. One relaxing day I'll just open myself to the experience and there it will be. Exactly what I wanted. No compromise.

The perfect shade of red is what happens when I'm busy trying to be my best and not focusing on getting or having.

Here's to realizing (& recognizing) all my perfect shade of red moments.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

details, details.

I sit here on the eve of the last day of my 33rd year here on this planet and reflect. What were my most profound learnings of my latest spin with the sun?

First, I've learned to accept my own beauty more. I've been fortunate enough to be around people who let me know what they like about me, which is nice. And it's never what I expect them to say. The things about myself that I might dislike or discount are then very things that draw people to me. Who'd a thought? And so, all of me is likeable, even the parts of me that aren't. This revelation makes it so much easier for me to get along with myself & others.

On the beauty tangent I've come to recognize my sensual nature, and how it's allowed me to become a master appreciator. I can relish in every moment, even the ones that cause me pain. This amazes me all the time. And the beauty around keeps becoming MORE obvious and the moments in my life keep becoming MORE beautiful. I can derive so much pleasure from observing miracles of nature & humankind.

How is this? How is it that life's beauty abounds in the midst of what could be described as "shitty". How is it that we can look for the gift in every moment? Death, tragedy, embarrassment, laziness, ineptitude, dissatisfaction, etc., all have their rainbow factor.

Second, it's come to my attention that paying attention to the small details in my life will invite bigger things. If I can get the minutia of my life in order, where the simplest things are completed proficiently & efficiently, then I open my self to greater experiences. If I can show others, for example, that I can complete basic tasks with a sense of urgency & to a high calibre result, they are more likely to ask me to get involved with more important or high impact activities. Why get involved with someone who can't deliver on the basic stuff?

This seems like an appropriate variable to factor into my decision making. How I do anything is how I do everything. Same goes for others.....

And thirdly, getting clear is the key to activating passion. If I know what I want, (& don't want), it's easy to get up in the morning to work towards it. Fuzziness breeds laziness. A crystal clear vision breeds passionate action.

None of this is rocket science. Geez, this would have been great information to have had 33 years ago. But hey, everything's perfect, right?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Say hello to radiance

I believe beauty can be invited in. One can cultivate their beauty. In my opinion, I can become more beautiful with time. Using the food I eat, the friends I keep, the thoughts I think, the love I feel, the habits I nurture, and the compound effect of all these I can alter my appearance from the inside out – for the better.

As per my previous post, diet is a big part of improving our beauty. But here are some other thoughts:

Wash with better water.

Showering with a filter is a must. Use a filter or become a filter. Remember, just because the water doesn’t look dirty doesn’t mean its clean. It’s important to protect yourself from the damaging halogens & other toxins found in tab water.

On that note, if a tap water shower is THE option, then take shorter, colder showers; avoid showering in shitty water if you can. Remember it’s the compound effect of these dirty showers that age us prematurely.

Use a potent iodine regularly: Apply a few drops to your skin (the inner side of your forearms). This saturates your receptor sites on your thyroid gland making it less susceptible to the nasty ass halogens (typically found in tap water) that could potentially set up shop there and wreak havoc..

I wash my face with Spring Water. I keep a little cup by the sink and use that for my evening and morning ritual. It seems like a sacred ceremony – using this special water to cleanse my face. And why wouldn’t I? I thank my friend Laura for teaching me this. She’s gorgeous and full of so many insights!

What to do when I travel?

Free radicals and radiation are a bitch for keeping your sacred suppleness. And with travel, there’s usually a surplus of this going on. Flying at night will help minimize radiation.

Using a product like MegaHydrate will help shield you from radiation, free radicals & helps with hydration. I take 2-5 caps daily if I can – I will for sure take 5-9 on travel days.

Skin Care. Literally.

In my opinion, the best skin care is super simple and made from natural products that nourish your skin. There are many options. Personally, I’m into Living Libations. There is something so luxurious cleansing & caring with these oils.

Other tips:

-When available rub fresh aloe all over your face & body. It feels incredible, especially when it’s hot out. And the skin LOVES it. Aloe really is beauty’s best friend. The Pharaohs were well aware of this, and that says A LOT.

-Exfoliate. I use a moistened, gentle, natural-fibre cloth with the living libations best skin ever skin oil.

-Use Ormus Gold on your face. Anecdotally, ormus gold has anti-aging characteristics and increases metabolic rate and cell rejuvenation. It’s not for the meek. I use it and love it.

-Wear the best available, natural sunscreen when necessary to minimize overexposure to the sun. Jane Iredale makes a great one – although this isn’t a great option for most guys.

Exercise: highly recommended

Rebounding & inversions like handstands and headstands are a great way to tone the face and stimulate circulation in this area. Do daily if possible. Rebounding (aka jumping on a mini trampoline) is an easy time-effective way to get a workout in. Plus, that fun jumping applies weight and movement to every cell causing body parts and functions to become stronger, more flexible and healthier. YAY!!

Breathe. Anything you can do to honor your breath will do wonders for your beautification process. Walking or hiking through pretty places is great for this. As is yoga.

Think sexy, loving thoughts about yourself.

Sure, that sounds like hippie talk at it’s finest, and it is, but ugly self-talk does nothing for your beauty quotient. As the saying goes: Treat yourself as you’d treat others (assuming you’re not a flakey douchebag). Practice positivity. And truly cultivate your beauty. Shallow Hal is one of those classic movies that exemplifies how beauty shines from the inside, especially if we allow ourselves to see it.

Surround yourself with people, places & things that make you happy. Ingest truly nutritious foods and minimize exposure to toxins. Turn yourself into a work of art.

Pictured above: in flight on my rebounder.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

looking good, baby

My big thing is looking younger than I am. Besides wanting to continue looking attractive, keeping my youthfulness is important simply because it’s an output of information. Compound effects are largely what cause aging. An accumulation of xyz toxins in the body can cause things to look less vibrant. Maintaining a fresh radiance is simply a way of gauging how well I’m attending to my body-mind-spirit.

In that vain, I thought I would share my beauty protocol.

Here are some of the things that I do, want to do, aim to do as often as possible. At the very least, I know that doing them benefits me – and this is helpful in creating new habits. Having an objective accompanied with knowledge makes it easier to accomplish because when the opportunity arises to do one of the below protocols, all I have to do is act.


-Eat sulphur (olives, cabbage, celery, cucumber, garlic, onion, broccoli, cauliflower) & silica rich foods (celery, bell peppers, tomatoes, nettle & horsetail (those last two are very rich in silica - you can find them dried and can take them as tea)). In this book Eating for Beauty, David Wolfe shares TREMENDOUS information on what foods to eat to transform yourself from the inside out.

-Use olive oil. The best you can get: ICE PRESSED. This is serious business. A quality Olive Oil in your life, ingested and smeared on you regularly can up your youth & happiness quotient tremendously. The olive oil I love most is Rallis Olive Oil.

-Drink this morning lemonade: freshly squeezed lemon, 1 tsp msm crystals, pinch sea salt, drop of honey. Blend in some fresh aloe if it's available. It’s a great way to start off the morning.

-Add fresh aloe to your (taste appropriate) smoothies as often as you can.

-Avoid cooked fats & oils, baked goods, processed foods. Eating something like caramel – which is basically sugars & fats cooked at high heat - is a recipe for premature aging. EW. Don’t do it. The technical term is Advanced Glycation End Products. There is NOTHING sexy about it.

Now geez, that kinda takes the fun out of life. But at the end of the day, we have to remember that it’s the cumulative effects that will really take us out, and also remember that there are SO MANY delicious options out there that won’t fast track the very opposite of what we’re going for that we may as well make the best choices always.

-Use schizandra berry crystals or drops (add these to your teas, smoothies) daily & add pearl products to your supplement regime. These have been used in China for thousands of years for their skin youthening properties.

-Do a cleanse. Even a short cleanse will help clean out the hatch. When your body is cleaner it runs more efficiently, and actually doesn’t want to ingest shitty foods. It’s true that when your body is cleaner it can’t tolerate junk food as well anymore. Suddenly crappy foods are easily relegated to the “sometimes foods” category….perhaps even the never category. This makes it easy to eat, feel and LOOK better. Be smart about it. Choose a time when you can lay low for a couple weeks. Shop around, get informed and even consult with a health care practitioner. It’s way easier to do a cleanse when you have professional support.

-Commit to drinking better water (spring water in glass or self harvested if possible) most of the time (95+%). This makes such a profound difference; you can only experience it to really understand what the fuss is about.

Besides ingesting a bunch of health foods, & designer supplements & superherbs and avoiding crappy foods, etc, there are other practices you can incorporate into your ‘beauty regime’, including skin care, exercises & attitude... Remember, it's all about the compound effect of our habits & practices. Stay tuned for part two.

Pictured above: A raw, unairbrushed self portrait of a 33 yr old aspiring beauty queen.