Tuesday, July 27, 2010

luminous tease

i'm going to change myself in the way I want everyone else to change.
The new me shall be more giving, more caring, more sensual, more thoughtful. I'll wear more interesting clothes that have a beautiful story sewn into their creation, and travel around the world as a career. I'll be more tolerant of everyone, even the bitches & dickheads that drive me crazy. I'll dance naked in the rain, and look in the mirror everyday and say "fuck, you're beautiful". I'll drink sunshine and eat clouds. i'll grow a garden with sunflowers, sugar snap pees and dandelions. Lots of beautiful dandelions. I'll have my own theme song, and I'll play it every time I make an entrance. i'll sleep under the stars and I'll get along with my sister. I'll teach animals to groove to the beat. I'll be surrounded by music and the quietude of nature. I'll give people a chance, and I'll give myself a chance too. I'll rock out more, and I'll sit at a desk less. i'll fall in love with myself. why not?
yeah. good plan.

Listen to We Love Machine....yum!

Monday, July 12, 2010

when I say go it will happen

life is trucking by at lightning speed. I feel like I am in the eye of a hurricane of changes that surround me. Things seem pretty stable in my life. part of me says: hey! when's it gonna be my turn? but the other part of me says: be grateful, Krystyna. Enjoy this peace. All in divine timing...
what ever I cannot seem to change i must simply accept. And vice versa. Otherwise I'm basically looking to get bruised.
having a crystal clear idea of the hurricane of changes I'd like to experience is great idea. let the visualization begin.

And on that note of just being, listen, and let your shoulders shake: Madder Red

Thursday, July 8, 2010

i'll just be me, thanks

With many offers & lures to join groups & communities or behave, eat or be a certain way (& mostly hang with certain people), it's made me realize one thing: I like who I am.
And I don't need to embrace someone else's dogma to assert who I am or who I want to become. Drink the kool-aid and become one of us.
In fact, it fundamentally contradicts my rebellious nature to be a member of what I consider to be cliques that have graduated from high school.
Sure, I have super tight relationships with my ├╝ber close friends - and these relationships might seem impenetrable from the outside....but the only requirement I have of friendship is openness to who I am. And I in turn commit my openness to you, of course. (If you, for example, want to be a part of an adult clique, I respect this choice. However, I prefer to hang out over here, cool? I'm into being on my terms.).
Side note: A PREFERENCE, in addition to that is to be fashionably inspiring. It's not a requirement. However, my preferences & requirements tend to go hand in hand. Somehow those who are open just happen to be fashionably inspiring.
Anyway, cliques suck.
And I'll just do what I want when I want with whom I want. If you want to join let me know. And if you want to invite me to your party, I'll come if I can.