Sunday, May 29, 2011


The way we deal with our shit says a lot about our society. With all it's modern conveniences the 'west' has deemed itself civilized, but when we look at something as primal as taking a dump and how we deal with it - we really see how civilized we truly are. Looks like the loin cloth wearing pigmies of Africa might have one up on us.

Would a civilized society flush their poop back into the water they end up drinking? haha, of course they wouldn't that's just ludicrous. Oh wait. That's what we do.

After a visit to The Hostel in the Forest, and having a taste for some sustainable living - it became clear that the proper CONSCIOUS disposal of our poop can have a profound affect on the cleanliness of our environment.

If we're aware of not flushing poop with clean water down the toilet to become part of the sewage system, we are probably aware of not tossing other unfavorable things into the water simply because it's comvenient. My utopian self would like to think that we'd behave this way.

The Hostel in the Forest was great just for this solitary observation - proper shit disposal - ....because at the end of the day it was a little too "hippie" for my tastes - the people here talk a little too slow and they didn't have wifi there. I do recommend visiting if you have a chance. It's quite an idyllic little place, and it's cool that someone actually brought this from concept to reality.

Note: Internet access is important to me because it's a portal to my means. To stay at the hostel for an extended period wasn't sustainable for me. I could enjoy natures splendour - know that my crap would nourish the land at some point, and help maintain the land - pitching in with the various tasks & initiatives necessary to keep the hostel thriving - but alas it wasn't set up for me to keep taking action (via the internet) - which I feel is part of our current evolution.

It's cool to work the land, but also cool & important to connect with others via the web.

Sure it's great to unplug. But it's also great to plug in and make things happen.

Anyway....back to flushing, i guess.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I love you, knee

Getting double bounced on the trampoline has the cheap thrill factor, unless there's a weak point in the anterior cruciate ligament from a previous injury. Dag. That can slow down life in the fast lane in a hurry.

This reinjury, however has been an interesting point of reflection - despite the level of pain I felt, I've also enjoyed a relatively speedy recovery. This I feel is due to many things:

1) immediate attention from a skilled medical professional.
2) serious & devoted r.i.c.e (rest, ice, compress, elevate) attention.
3) using all the lotions, potions & anti-inflamatory 'meds' in my arsenal in a dedicated, acute fashion.
4) having a better state of mind (a strong, cellular level healing belief system), & more love for myself than when I originally injured my knee several years ago.

Back then, I wasn't the happiest kitty in the litter box. I did all of the above things....but that forth one was missing and it seemed like it took FOREVER for me to get my knee back to normal functioning.

It took so long that I didn't even fully appreciate how injury free I was until I was hobbling on the ground after I got off the trampoline. Geez. What a moment that was.

These days I am much more content - I love myself and wish for myself the best in life - including a radiant, healthy functional body. And I know I deserve it.

Perhaps that sounds like the bullet train to fromage-ville, but I'm convinced by my speedy recovery theory. And the pro that I was working with this time encouraged me to reflect about the energetic message this knee injury was sending me while he was manually manipulating my knee and body back into a less traumatized state.

Energy medicine is a powerful component of healing. Intergrated medicine is where it's at for speedy recovery. Mind training is is the medicine of the future.

pictured above: me and my beautiful knees, crouching to feed a roo in Oz.