Saturday, December 25, 2010

silly common sensical me

As far as common sense goes, I've certainly been gifted with an above average dose of this handy knowledge. Perhaps because I'm a keen visualizer I naturally, unconsciously sense the outcome of my actions before I begin.
However, even equipped with this underrated super power I amaze myself and the funny little fuck ups I basically invite to happen - even though I know better.
My latest episode is an interesting example of this. I have a water bottle with a 'risky' lid. Risky in that it can easily become unplugged, and in fact really shouldn't be stored in a position other than upright.
Strangely, the other day, I convinced myself that I'd be able to maintain this uprightness in my chaotic handbag....I placed the filled water bottle into my bag and then totally forgot about it.

Minutes later I fished my phone from my purse and noticed it wasn't working. Slowly it all made sense. the drops of water on my phone....and my soaking wet bag all told me that my day wasn't going to include the use of my beloved mobile device.


Why did I let this happen?

Did I feel that my life needed a little cellular drama?
Am I taking spring water so seriously that I now baptize my mobile devices to raise their vibration?
Am I that much of a dare devil that I risk the outcome of a loosely sealed water bottle paired with electronics and other cherished items such as a journal filled with my actionable items and universal musings now sealed together and smudged thanks to the earths greatest solvent?

Who knows.

All I can say for sure is that I knew better and I still let it happen.
What the fuck, Krystyna? You're a funny, funny gal.

Dear God,
Please allow my iPhone to dry out and start working again like it was never wet - restoring my contacts and photos and allowing me to effortlessly resume my communication with the cyber world.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

white widow

today i danced with the white widow.
her smokey veil wrapped around me
together we felt the fabrics of my laundry
as I folded and tucked away
all the beautiful textures that I've brought home from here & there
each item has it's own exotic tale from creation
like all of us
the scent of clean, mixed with the dry, smokey smell from the nearby wood fire
so rustic, yet so modern this scene is

i've created this exact moment

hello ruby in the dust
a lyric I just heard
all my senses are tickled with joy.
fireside, with music, laundry, and eyes opened inward.

this is one of those moments where i reveal to myself just how lovely I am. simply lovely.

Friday, December 10, 2010

the games I play

Who knows how to have fun? this gal.

"get the mail before the neighbour does"
"don't pay for parking; be quick like ninja"
"listen to the talking trees"
"order chai & spice it, but don't drink it - just enjoy the artistry of the drink. Instead I drink own brew (made with spring water & superfoods) and enjoy the 'free' wifi"
"speak in broken English using heavy Ukrainian accent"
"work from the movie theatre"
"sneaky long hot shower"
"read books by osmosis"
"praise blitz"
"afternoon nap"
"bring in 'more than enough' wood"
"clean up after myself"
"music induced erotic fantasy"
"no snag/scratch cat hugging"
"happy plants are hydrated plants"
"floss for youth"
"'make my bed' bedroom makeovers"
"I never have laundry because I'm totally on top of it".
"up before 10, sleep before 2"
"bliss balls, tax preparation & me"
"another day, another route"
"adult coloring class"
"teaching kids slang"
"find the beauty in the room" (for example, see image above)
"damn this tastes delicious. fuck I'm good"
"full expression yoga"
"smile at strangers"
"neurotic photography"

the rules are simple. the choices are plentiful. the fun is apparent.