Friday, June 12, 2009

floating to flavor country

On my 'to do' list as of April 2009 - hot air balloon ride. Whilst joking with a compadre in a French restaurant, it came to my attention that a hot air balloon would probably be the best way to get to flavor country. Now being a fan of flavor country and contantly striving to find new & better ways to get there, the idea of floating there with the wind cracked my mind open. It contrasted with my usual efficient (car, plane) or etheric (mind, spirit) means of transporation.
There is something quite romantic and old fashioned about a hot air balloon ride. As I glide through the sky to get to my destination, I am privy to all sorts of information that I wouldn't otherwise be. I get to experience the quietude that comes with being high up in the air - perhaps having moments of reflection. As I reach my destination I'm blessed with a birds eye view of this place that I am seeking, see miles of beauty - bringing me another point of appreciation. Flavor country is awesome. Slowly, we land...and suspense & appetite grows. Finally we are officially there, ready to partake. Clearly, i am not alone.
Like good foreplay, the hot air balloon ride brings another level of enjoyment to an already great trip.

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