Thursday, September 17, 2009

el healing crisis-o

hmmm. for someone who advocates a healthy lifestyle, i sure find myself sick often. Just this week - after spending a week at a seminar eating less then preferred food (despite my best efforts), sitting in air conditioning and sleeping less than normal & traveling via airplane I find myself on the lip of a sinus-y mucous wave. Sure last week was challenging, but shouldn't my immune system be super charged for these exact events?

Beyond my super sensitivity to 'the norm', I feel I should be at a place where my immune system has got my back any day of the week. Ugh. there's that word - should.

In other words I aim to feel awesome everyday - I spring out of bed and all is dandy. And yet here I am...just a few weeks since my last bought of grossness. It makes me wonder, if my diet is in check for the most part, is it my environment that's not serving me? is it my emotions? my thoughts? perhaps I'm allergic to my job.

I want to radiate health always - I don't have the time for illness frankly. And being that I'm ridiculously open minded, I've tried EVERYTHING. From the best pills the pharmacy has to offer to the finest wildcrafted organic superfoods. There doesn't seem to be a cure all for me. Perhaps I have an underlying belief system - it works for everyone but me. Reflecting on my whole life...I have to wonder what the reach is for this belief system of mine - in terms of money, relationships, health - do I genuinely feel that 'it works for everyone but me'? I digress. We could discuss that for a week easily.

Of course, I could just accept this illness with open arms - allowing this purge to happen and recognizing that it's 'better out than in" and perhaps this ebb now will prevent a tsunami in the future. Oh thank you stuffy nose and nasty cough for expelling yourself from my system - making room for all the love, light, success and boundless energy I desire.

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