Friday, March 16, 2012

The wound is where the light enters

I've been in Peru for a few days now, and things for me have been up & down. It's challenging on many levels. For example, the altitude makes simple actions like walking up a hill a total chore. Well...I guess walking up a hill can be a chore anyway, but still. An even bigger chore.

There is something about this place. It's like all the crap inside of me is shining in my face. Intense feelings of jealousy and inadequacy and melancholy are bubbling from deep inside of me. Where is all this coming from?

I guess this is a "better out than in" experience, and also emotions worth acknowledging. If I can get to the root of all this discontent, then I can open myself to feelings that are more.....wonderful.

I don't know what else to say, except bring in the light.


  1. Holy crap you just explained this place PERFECTLY!! It's funny hey, there will be times when the land is nice to you and it'll make you the happiest person on the planet, all of the time. And then WHACK!! some tiny little issue turns into a huge drama... nothing is allowed to stay in. Actually this is why I went back to Australia for a month in February.. the energy just got too much for me and I needed some time out.

    But yeh, better out than in.. limpiar limpiar limpiar

  2. Thanks Fran! It's great to know that we're all experiencing similar things here in el Peru. xo

  3. I wanted to go on that trip so bad. I'm going to make it happen for next year. So glad to know that its a cleansing on many levels. We all need that from time to time. I can tell you are in touch with those inner feelings Robin, because you shine radiantly on the outside :) Have a blast for me! I'll see you in Baltimore. Do you know if your going to Elizabeth's Gone Raw this year? I called her and she said she was trying to make it happen. I guess we will find out when you come from Peru.