Thursday, August 6, 2009

a free bird?

My life seems to go through weekly or monthly themes. Currently, I'm going through a spell of learning how to focus. Or practising 'focus'. or just focusing. Why is it so hard for me to just do one thing at a time?
One of my recent life teachings illuminated this truth: I am way more powerful when i'm living in the present moment than frittering about the past or future. In the present moment, my creativity is at its peak; my higher self undeniably resides in the here & now. And I think my attention-deficit ways of being are micro episodes of living in the future (specifically) - which scatters my energy. dang it.
Where my fragmented attention goes energy flows and results show. i suppose that explains my merry go round life. it's fun - but where the heck is it going?
My sister has been calling me a 'free bird' lately...because I just do what I want whenever and change my mind abruptly. And while I recognize what where she seeks security and knowing, and I crave sponteneity and freedom - perhaps she's just airing a subtle reminder my way to focus...on what I want...for a span of say 30-60 minutes at a time...and observe what happens.
Perhaps that merry go round ride would turn into something more scenic, sensory or even inter-galatic.

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