Friday, May 7, 2010

rollercoaster dream

Yesterday morning i was dreaming that I was looking at facebook. (I know).
I was clicking through my friend Colin's pictures, and in one picture he was seated in a roller-coaster about to plunge down. The curious part of the photo was the non-expression on his face. He could have been sitting in a waiting room or on a bus, instead of at that turning point of OMG that comes with roller-coaster rides. Then, I'm in the roller-coaster too. Typically, I'm not one for rides at all....but this time I close my eyes, surrender and feel the exhilaration. It felt incredible being turned and twisted around in space.
The ride ended, and Colin and I were walking through a neighborhood where he recognized many of his friends. The first friends we past were arguing over a baseball glove. "Those two have been arguing over that glove for as long as I can remember", Colin says to me. We passed a couple more such scenes, including one with a soccer ball.
Just like that we're in some sort of cul-de-sac and danger looms. We know to run, but my legs aren't going so fast - partly due to the fact that I was wearing fashionable, non-athletic calf-hugging boots. Colin graps my hand, and pulls me along. My legs begin to float up behind me and like a balloon (but more aerodynamic) I follow Colin and we run/fly to safety.

Then my alarm went off.


  1. I found his story very cool, and could even happen if the truth were a little crazy ....
    next time put the alarm to beep later cuz I want to hear the whole story to not be curious about what would happen ....

    I loved the blog congratulations.


  2. I have to say that the flying felt like a very real option. (hmmm, since it's so hard to run, I may as well fly!). Thanks for the props!!